Data Protection

Our data protection law team is one of the most experienced in Estonia. We advise and represent Estonian and international clients in all matters related to data processing and protection. We have a practical focus and want to help our clients seamlessly integrate data protection into their day-to-day activities, regardless of the client’s line of business. To this end, we help establish proper data processing processes and prepare the necessary internal documents, as well as contracts with partners. We help communicate with data subjects and supervisory authorities. We advise clients on transactions related to the processing of various data and on the introduction of new technologies. We represent clients in disputes concerning the processing of data. We help clients keep up with changes in the European data protection law and align their activities with all the applicable requirements.


We advise and represent our clients in the following areas:

  • processing of personal data
  • drafting internal rules and contracts
  • transfer of personal data to foreign countries
  • other international data processing-related projects
  • data protection audits
  • use of public information
  • business secrets and confidential information
  • negotiating transactions involving data
  • disputes concerning the processing of data