European Union Law

We advise clients on complying with the complex requirements arising from the EU law, planning the conduct of their business, and defending their rights. Our services include assistance on matters relating to intellectual property, data protection, taxation, public procurement, and competition.
Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the requirements imposed at the EU level as well as of their implementation in domestic law. We help clients to ascertain the exact requirements applicable to their business activities and to determine whether they are legitimate. If necessary, we protect the interests in court.
We also help clients to communicate with EU institutions and to achieve the best possible results.


  • Advising and representing pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers in challenging restrictions on the internal market.
  • Analyzing EU and domestic regulation of the energy sector.
  • Advising a number of Estonian and international private sector clients on issues related to regulation (e.g. Estonian electricity market) and other specific matters (e.g. conditions for access to electricity and gas networks, network charges, support mechanisms for renewables, planning requirements applicable to energy-related projects).
  • Advising the European Central Bank on banking secrecy and data protection issues in relation to the disclosure of an analysis of and data on bank portfolios in the European Union.


We advise and represent clients in the following areas:

  • legal analysis and assessments
  • dispute resolution and litigation
  • preparing for the legislative process
  • harmonizing legislation with EU law
  • advice on conformity and inspection
  • detecting conflicts between domestic and EU law
  • communication with EU institutions