DERLING’s Tanel Pürn achieved a landmark ruling in a labour dispute in the Supreme Court

On 22 March 2017, the Supreme Court granted the appeal in cassation filed by attorney-at-law Tanel Pürn, deciding in favour of Tanel Pürn’s client in a labour dispute. In addition, the security on cassation was returned and the procedural expenses requested by the client were ordered to be paid to the client.

A former employee of International Aluminium Casting Tartu AS had disputed the extraordinary cancellation of his employment contract. The dispute was ended by a compromise. Then, the employee filed a claim with a labour dispute committee, alleging that the extraordinary cancellation of the employment contract had been discriminatory and demanding additional compensation in the amount of 10,000 euros. Although both the County Court and the District Court ordered the additional compensation to be paid to the employee, the Supreme Court upheld the view expressed in the appeal in cassation that an additional claim cannot be filed this way. The dispute created a precedent, and the Supreme Court gave instructions on how disputes relating to discrimination in the area of employment should be adjudicated.